Many scandals for Clinton: Do you think Hillary Clinton is a good choice for candidacy, considering her reputation?

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  • She a dummy hed

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  • Hillary Clinton not fit for Candidacy

    Considering her reputation, Hillary Clinton is not a good choice for the presidential candidacy. Clinton has a past history of lying to Americans. As such, she has lost their trust. If Americans do not trust their president, the president will not be as effective. Additionally, Clinton's past history of lying has damaged her relationships with other countries.

  • Clinton continues to deny email wrongdoing.

    During last night's debate, Democratic party presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton continued to defend her previous use of a private email service to send classified messages. Clinton claims at the time she began using the account, it was not illegal for her to use it for work related correspondence, and denies sending out any classified information. Her opponents note that Clinton's own department warned staff members not to use personal accounts for department work.

  • Hillary Clinton is not a good candidate

    Hillary Clinton's careless behavior with her emails could have been a much larger problem then it actually was. Her careless behavior to use a private email account shows one of two things. She either doesn't understand why that is reckless behavior or she does understand and did it anyway. I do not want someone like that leading our country.

  • Hillary Clinton, not a good choice.

    I do not think that Hillary Clinton is a good choice for candidacy, considering her reputation. I usually don't judge a person by their reputation. And with Hillary Clinton, it's the same. I'm not judging her on her past reputation, I'm judging her on her current present reputation. Which her reputation fully supports: untrustworthy.

  • The answer is No

    Hillary Clinton should be lynched brutally by the aryan race. She and her supporters (the lower-sex females and the monkey blacks) should be thrown into gas chambers containing Zyklon B. Her reputation is deeper than the pit of hell that she will end up in after we hang her and throw her body into a wood chipper and feed her remains to 4 or 5 slaves in the United States.
    Arnold Benjaman
    PhD History and Literature

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