Many Worlds (yes) vs. Other (Please Specify) (no)

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  • There are many aliens outside our planet Earth.

    Charles Darwin was wrong . Plants and animals came to Earth due to some genetic material carried by aliens. As, we know an Mahabharata many powerful missiles were used. Brahamastra was a such type of weapon which 100 times stronger than today nuclear weapons. Such weapons could not be made on Earth. It must have been a fight between aliens and the saints have copied it. Therefore we are not alone in this universe. Many such UFOs were seen by many people and ancient scientists have noticed it.

  • It satisfies Occam's Razor.

    Of the many interpretations available, Many-Worlds is that makes fewest unproven assumptions. Supposing the existence of a multiverse works far better than supposing additional layers to reality that would explain the results.

    Also, Many-Worlds can be tested. With an advanced computer, you could measure a particle's spin and then delete the measurement. If the multiverse is real, deleting the measurement recombines the universe and the particle's spin will be unaffected 100% of the time (rather than the 50% predicted by other interpretations).

    Many Worlds also requires that gravity be quantized to avoid it leaking between universes and creating effects that we don't observe. Disproving quantized gravity would disprove Many Worlds.

  • The Many Worlds Interpretation is More Plausible

    From what I've gathered, the many worlds theory is the most scientifically accepted and plausible theory regarding this matter. While I am no quantum physicist, I have found there to be too many inconsistencies in the alternative theories to the many worlds interpretation, and the majority certainly aren't very scientific. Despite my own personal opinions, I am open to what others have to say on the matter and am hoping that someone more advanced in quantum physics can weigh in on this as well.

  • Copenhagen Interpretation Is Correct

    Copenhagen is the standard interpretation. Non-local variables have been ruled out by Alain Aspect's 1986 experiment with spatially distant photons, which falsified Bell's Theorem and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlations. Local variable have been ruled out by experiments with Legget's inequalities. The many worlds interpretation is deterministic, and the empirical evidence shows that quantum mechanics is indeterministic.

  • The world - does not care

    MWI might look nice mathematically. It may be an easy way to solve problems. But is it correct?

    I cannot believe that every time a small particle moves, a new universe get created. Why would the universe bother to recreate itself? MWI looks nice mathematically but the world is not a simulation of mathematics, but mathematics are just a way to show how world work

  • The Copenhagen Interpretation is the best one

    The MW interpretation tries to dodge wave-function collapse by positing realities we cannot test even in principle. This is worse than divinely planted fossils to fool us... Since Bohm mechanics has been ruled out by recent experiments (there are no non-local hidden variables), I see no reason to deviate from the standard interpretation.

  • Instrumentalism is all you really need

    Why do people call something "real"? Because the behavioral (including tool use) assumptions embedded in the concept are useful. It would be absurd to have a description of reality that did not serve that purpose. All that really matters is what works. A description of reality is only as true as it works when put into practice.

  • One world is all

    We have one universe. There is a force that created humans. The force is only appearing in physical events that are explainable through physics. Everything real can be known. The answer to the question of a multitude of universes is answered through physics. The knowledge is transphenomenal to average intellects. Some might say realizing the truth about our creation is enlightenment. The answer will shed light on our nature. We can, then, know whether we have free will or are predetermined to choose being.

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