Map of popular beers by country: Is America's favorite a surprise to you?

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  • No, America's choice is not a surprise

    America's choice of favorite beer is not a great surprise. The favorite beer is a cheap to buy beer that is highly advertised and easily found. Americans have a long history of wanting things, particularly food, that are produced quickly, cheaply but that still taste good. America's favorite beer meets all of these requirements and therefore, it is not a surprise that it is the favorite.

  • America's most popular beer shouldn't surprise anyone

    An infographic of the most popular beers by country shows that Bud Light is the favorite for the United States. This isn't new news to anyone who either watches TV or keenly observes American culture. Bud Light advertisements make their beer seem as intrinsically American as apple pie. It's this association that makes it America's favorite.

  • No surprise at all

    I find it no surprise at all the Bud Light is the most popular beer in the US. They are a huge company, sponsoring many events, and running tons of television ads. This is the beer that you see more of than any other, no matter where you go. Other beers are favorites in smaller groups and localized area, but as a whole, Bud Light is not surprisingly the most popular overall.

  • America loves her beer.

    The list of the most popular beers by country is interesting, but I didn't think that the results were surprising. However, it's hard to say that this is the favorite of all of America. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to beer, and those tastes can also change over time.

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