• It's been an unpredictable year

    This year's basketball has been very unpredictable. There are upsets every year, and this year will be no different. We have already seen a few upsets, and more are on their way. Who would have imagined Yale beating Butler? And how about Little Rock? Day two is just going to get more wild, and the notion of a perfect bracket is all but impossible at this point.

  • March madness brackets will be filled with upsets

    As usual, March madness brackets will be littered with upsets. This year should be no different than any other year. Can we expect a 16 seed defeating a one seed? Not going to happen. But, we should certainly be on the lookout for 15 seeds making some noise in this tournament, as well as some other marginal upsets.

  • Yes, this season has already had its fair share.

    As avid college basketball fan i can tell you that this has been one of the wildest seasons on record. There are many teams in the top 25 that hd over 10 losses on the season. In a typical year a team with 6 losses might find themselves on the outside of that list. Since we have already seen how wildly competitive this year has been, one can only assume this trend will continue in the NCAA tournament.

  • After the opening round, the upsets decrease

    So the round of 64 was chaotic; I'll admit that. After the, though, the round of 32 was won by mostly chalk. All the 1 seeds advanced, and the only 2 seed to fall was Xavier, who I picked to lose in the round of 32. Double digit seeds went 1-5 on Sunday, which the only win coming by Syracuse, who was playing fellow double digit seed Middle Tennessee.

  • No, no sign of upset year

    Although there are several factors which have lead armchair tacticians to predict a year of upsets after the March Madness bracket, there is little reason other than superstition to put any stock in this being the case. The favorites and top picks are there for a reason and I think they will justify their position.

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