Marching (yes) or Concert (no) bands. Which do you prefer to hear preform or be involved in?

Asked by: TrueThinker112
  • Marching bands are more active, and you can be more involved.

    It is true that in concert band, the pieces can be both more exiting and have more variety, however, in marching band, there is much more exitment and activity. For example, in marching band, you are constantly moving. This can be more difficult for people who are not used to this much activity, but it also make for more excitement for both the performer and the audience. In marching band, there is also a color guard and more lively competition. These can make a marching season much for interesting than a concert season, which is ofter times rather repetitive. Marching band is also more enjoyable for the audience. WHikle watching a band preform in marching, a crowd can be more interactive than when watching a concert band preform. Also, there is a plot and a story that the audience is able to see and understand in a marching show, inlike concert season.

  • Marching band is great!

    Marching band is a great mix of music, dance, and unity. It is a great deal of fun and challenge. Marching, not walking, in step, playing songs from memory, and keeping the form well, and making sure that you keep good posture requires a lot of concentration. Marching band is also a way to get involved in your community. If there is a band event coming up, you could get involved by providing water for those thirsty band members who march in those uniforms that can make someone sweat in 30 degree weather. Handing out plumes, gloves, and gauntlets can help the band out a lot. I also think that the songs and marching go together well.

  • Marching bands are kinda dumb

    I prefer bagpipe bands. I don't know marching bands have the same gangsta trumpet noise that I just find outright silly. Bagpipe music is outright beautiful to begin with. I love me some English or Highlander or Irish bagpipe music. So yeah there you have it, I believe that's the case

  • Concert band is emotional

    In concert band you are allowed to express emotions more efficiently with your airwaves not being racked around by moving constantly. Also, as a fellow bandy and someone who suffers from asthma, concert band isn't as straining on my lungs. I prefer being able to effectively express myself and not have an asthma attack on the field.

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Dishoungh says2014-05-08T21:41:02.337
I'm in both sooooooo