Marco Rubio: It should be legal to fire someone for being gay. Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

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  • You should be able to fire anyone for anything

    Of course, if you do that your business will suffer immensely, but that's what the free market is for. I don't see why government should be forcing businesses to hire certain people or keep them employed if the employer doesn't want them to work there anymore - it just doesn't make sense.

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  • ITs not our choice

    The buisness should have the freedom to decide whatever they want for their company. That would encourage the gay population to open their own buisness. Or they would just have to find a gay freindly workplace. I honestly dont see what being gay has to do with any thing though. But still thats no reason to takes away democracy

  • Absolutely of course.

    First of all, its a right weather you think its right or wrong. This also goes to show what people think of homosexuals like they deserve more right then other people. Homo's are starting to take away peoples rights saying everything is a hate crime, etc. A right is a right.

  • What's love got to do with it?

    What does it matter who is sleeping with what gender in the workforce. I mean if you're having gay sex in the cubicles--sure--but straight sex shouldn't be excluded from that either. I do not see how someone's sexual orientation could ever get in the way of their work ethic. Just absurd thought processes people have!

  • Civil Rights Act

    To say that you should be allowed to fire somebody solely because of sexuality is a very slippery slope. If you can do that, who's to say that a feminist can't fire a man for enjoying oral sex? Who's to say that a man can't fire a women for not liking anal? Not only that, but to allow opportunity to be stolen away from an individual just because of an inherit trait that they cannot control is to abandon everything that the Civil Rights Act represents.

  • Our country needs to be protected from itself.

    We have far too many examples of why employment discrimination is a bad idea. When the Civil Rights Act was passed, many previously segregated and "whites only" businesses benefited from hiring black workers. By hiring the best available / most qualified workers (rather than the best of one racial group), they assembled more productive and more loyal teams. Should those businesses have integrated before? Clearly. It was to their economic benefit. Would they have integrated without legal intervention? Unlikely.

    People often do not change their hearts and minds by considering others' perspectives and experiences. They change when they are forced to change. It's not economically viable to let American businesses be average in a globally competitive market. For the economic stability of our country--particularly the productivity of individual businesses--a lot of companies are going to have to make the smart business decision to evaluate employees based on their work. Unfortunately, some employers will have to be forced to make appropriate evaluations. That's. Tough. You don't let a toddler place her hand on the lit stovetop. Sometimes adults are just as irrational as toddlers.
    Also, whatever happened to the golden rule? The two opposing views on this issue are not equally-valid-but-incompatible views. One view reflects a commitment to equal treatment, regardless of this characteristic that is irrelevant to work ethic, intelligence, etc. (I will point out that recent analyses of census data--Arizona, for example--found that gays and lesbians were more likely to be employed and more likely to have a college degree while making thousands less than straight people each year.) The other view reflects a perverted desire for special treatment by folks who would never dream that someone might object to their sexual orientation--and who would hemorrhage hellfire if they were fired for being "straight."

  • Descrimination breeds hate

    A worker should only be able to be fired for doing subpar work, or causing problems in the workplace. If it were okay to fire someone for being gay, would a gay manager or business owner be able to fire someone for being straight? How about for being old? Or a female? Male? Black? White? Yellow? This is a slippery slope and only fuels discrimination and hate. If you dont agree with someones lifestyle.... Dont live that persons lifestyle.

  • That is really prejudiced

    You should only be able to fire someone based on the work that they provide and nothing else. You shouldn't be allowed to fire someone based on their gender, their sexual orientation, the color of their skin, their health or anything else not pertaining to work. I would have the same opinion if a gay person fired a straight person for being straight, you should not fire people based on their sexual orientation.

  • I disagree NO

    There are laws in place to protect the elderly from being fired. There are laws and policies in place to protect people from being fired because of race. There are laws in place to protect people from being fired as a result of religion. Of course the homosexual in question could sue the company for wrongful termination, but why should anyone have to worry about their job security for something as ignorant as fear or a case of nerves.

  • Sexual orientation has no influence on how well someone does a job.

    If one of your workers is good at their job, does nothing inappropriate at work, etc., then there is really is no reason to fire them just for being gay. What should their love life at home (unless their loved one also works at the same job, but it's not like they're going to have sex in the office or something) have to with them being fired?

    Discrimination based on such a minor factor is not fair and should not legal; if anything, the worker who was fired for that should be able to gain some kind of compensation.

  • No. Of course not.

    The equality argument is pretty simple: No one should be discriminated against, and this is discrimination. Should be simple enough, but some people don't get it, and think there's a reason this shouldn't be the case:
    Let's say that I think it should be legal to fire someone for being gay. That's perfectly logical, right? After all, it's not the government's responsibility to regulate businesses. But there's a major flaw in this logic: If you believe government regulation is bad, every single regulation that relates to business should be disregarded. Minimum wage? Too bad, suckers! Safe business practices? Not happening! "But just because you support firing homosexuals, which is totally not homophobic, doesn't mean you support no minimum wage and unsafe business practices, you silly man!" Yes, yes it does, because you think government regulation is bad! Why? The reason regulation exists is because of human behavior, and without it the economy would do worse (or at least the consciences of everyone that is not a heartless ass).
    In conclusion, I am saying that everyone who agrees with the following statement, "It should be legal to fire someone for being gay," is a homophobic ass who doesn't care about poor people or the safety of workers all around the world. Good day, sirs.

  • Discrimination of ANY kind is not okay.

    Look. Most of people are okay with this. Tell me, how many of you are women? Would you like a job? Well, sorry, you can't because you're a woman. It's the same thing. Are any of you YES people not white? Well, we don't want you in our company because you're a different skin colour. I'm using satire, I don't believe in any of the things I just said. Discrimination is the worst form of abuse and it shouldn't be tolerated for any reason.

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Ragnar says2013-06-15T16:28:47.450
Fair employment means it's wrong, however there's about a hundred excuses any business could use to fire someone.