Margaret Thatcher had a science degree: Should more women pursue studies in science?

  • Women should become more active in the sciences

    There is a complete dearth of female representation in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). I believe that this should change in order to combat the rampant sexism that exists in those fields. When more women become part of these fields, we gain a different and valuable perspective that is otherwise severely lacking.

  • Yes, more women should study science.

    More women should be studying science in school. Women are perfectly capable of getting degrees in fields like science, and their contribution to the field could be great. Earning advanced degrees in science would also allow for women to close the gender pay gap by being able to better compete with men for high-paying jobs.

  • Science Important for Women

    It is very important that more and more women pursue science because their input in science is just as important in any other sectors. If there were more women in science, this could help with the gender gap in certain professions. It won't be just a man's world if more women studied science.

  • Women should not pursue science degrees just to fit an idea that they "should"

    Women should not pursue science degrees just to fit an idea that they "should". It is wrong to say that women should get science degrees. Women should pursue a life that they want, whether it is being a teacher, an accountant, editor, scientist, or housewife. People tend to have an idea of what they like, and women on the whole don't seem to want to pursue science too much. So why force it?

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