Maria Kirelinko: Was Alex Ovechkin the reason for the broken-off engagement?

  • Maria Kirilenko Breaks Off Engagement with Alex Ovechkin July 21, 2014 11:55 AM

    No, Maria Kirelinko announced on July 21, 2014 that she broke off the engagement for many reasons and that their relationship had been completed. She continues to respect Alex Ovechkin as a person and a athlete and wishes him continued athletic success. She is currently focused on preparing for her next tournament with hopes that it pleases their fans of this news, not only of his personal life but also of his athletic success.

  • Oh Good Grief

    Another media hyped, attention grabbing story line. Yawn. Well it seems, if one is to believe the gossip, that Alex Ovechkin is at least part of the broken engagement, Such is the nature of relationships, especially those in the limelight. There is always fault to be found on both sides in these situations however.

  • No, Alex Ovechkin was not the reason for Maria Kirelinko ending the engagement.

    Both Maria Kirelinko and Alex Ovechkin are professional athletes. It is likely that Maria was struggling to balance the demands of her role as a tennis player with the demands of planning a wedding. Also, she may have become uncomfortable with the amount of media attention that arose from the engagement.

  • No, it was her choice

    Sometimes people fall in love fast and don't think too far into the future. They make plans to get engaged and get married before they are really ready. Marrying is a great commitment, and not right for everyone. Maria Kirelinko says herself the reasons she called off the wedding were her own.

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