Marijuana can never be legalized, due to the structure of the US political system.

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  • The war [on marijuana] is not meant to be won.

    It is meant to be continuous, and continue it shall. The drug war industry is a trillion-dollar lobby, and it should come as no revelation that they have congress firmly in their back pocket. This of course includes private prison companies who are already making $60 billion a year on marijuana offenders; many of whom are serving life sentences. Thats money they can use to bribe politicians into draughting even harsher mandatory sentences; which in turn rakes in more profits which go back into more bribes. If that sounds like a vicious circle, its not: its a downward spiral. A portion of that money will also be invested in new surveillance and drug testing technologies that will guarantee that just-us will be served swiftly and brutally; and most of all, profitably. It is no great leap to imagine a near future where failing a drug test results in a 40-year prison sentence = $2 million in new revenues for the GEO group.

    As an aside, i should point out that the board members of either GEO or CCA are worth several times more than the 58% of americans that gallup claims support legalization. Actually, thats hardly aside: its the root of the problem.

    And while the private prison companies are by far the most odious and malignant members of the drug war cadre, they are not the only ones either: the companies that market the surveillance and drug testing technologies mentioned above are also cashing in big; as are the arms manufacturers that are selling to both sides.

    As such. The war on marijuana isnt going anywhere. It will continue to accelerate forever; without ever being won nor lost; consuming more and more public funds and bleeding the country dry. Some simple arithmatic shows that at the current rate of growth, the prison companies will corner the entire global economy in 50 years. In any case, legalization remains at best a pipe dream (pun intended) no matter what the gallup poll says.

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