• Managers are responsible for what happens in their store

    Managers are often overworked and underpaid, but they accept the responsibility for overseeing a team of people. Regardless of the good and bad aspects of the job, they are in charge of and should be held accountable for what happens under their management of a facility. They need to take their job seriously.

  • Yes, the managers should be fired.

    Yes, the managers should be fired because they should know what their workers are doing. What would have happened if the marijuana got in someone's food? There could have been many side effects that a customer did not ask for. A manager should always be vigilant in the work space.

  • What you do at home is your business, but don't bring it to work

    Especially in one of the few states where marijuana usage is legal, when and how you choose to partake in marijuana is your business when you are at home. However, do not bring it to work, do not use it at or just before reporting to work, especially when you work with someone's food!

  • Only if its proven they could have known

    What's next, are we gonna fire teachers when they find weed in some kids locker? No, you fire the guy who's using drugs. No one should be dumb enough to tell their manager that they are dealing, and a manager often isn't with their workers 100% of the time. What struck me as strange in this is that the person had less then the possession limit for big time offense but they are possibly looking at jail time for dealing a little pot.

    I mean how bad is it to be a pot dealer nowadays? I didn't realize the laws were that strict. Its not like they were trafficking the stuff.

  • No, they should not.

    Marijuana is legal in many states and it is not a bad drug. Not only that, but it is not clear that the managers were aware of or had any responsibility for the marijuana that was found. They do not deserve to be punished for something that was not thier fault.

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