Marijuana is legal in 23 states in the U.S.: Should it be legalized in more states?

  • Just legalize it

    Marijuana is always going to be sold illegally, so why not make it legal to consume right away?
    If it continues to be illegal to consume, the police and state will continue to spend millions of dollars trying to stop it, which is totally stupid and irrelevant!
    Let people smoke and do whatever they want. Some might take more, when it becomes legal, and others will continue to smoke once in a while, enjoying themselves. Let people control their own lives...

  • Too many reasons...

    A small list of the benefits:
    Reduce prison overpopulation, economic boon, renewable energy, medically useful, police can focus on violent crimes, CO2 absorption, reduced income for organized crime, individual liberty and responsibility, oh and it get's you stoned.

    To pretend we ever have been a 'drug-free nation' is absurd and naive. There are just too many benefits that can occur from this one issue.

  • The U.S.' Economy Is Bad

    We can all agree that our economy is not as good as it should, with Marijuana legalized, we can collect taxes which can help with a majority of our problems which may destroy our nation later on. It may seem small but lots of small things can lead to one big thing.

  • I don't see any problems with it.

    I believe that Marijuana should be legal across the United States and I believe that a majority of U.S. citizens agree with me. We should treat it like alcohol and set an age limit, regulate it, tax it and especially allow the use of medical marijuana that helps many people each year that suffer from illnesses.

  • Yes, it should be legal

    I strongly believe Marijuana should be legalized and taxed very high. People are doing it anyways and the fact that 23 States have now said it was okay. The Government says we have no money so start selling it and it will bring in tons of revenue. If it is legal it will also cut down on drug dealers and crime associated with it.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legal in more states.

    Yes, marijuana should be legal in more states. If properly regulated, marijuana should be legal in more states since it can and has improve the local economy since because it is not only locals looking to purchase, but also tourists (increase tourism) This also leads to saving taxpayers money since less people will be arrested and tried for possession of marijuana.

  • Marijuana should be legal in every state.

    Marijuana should be legalised or at the very least decriminalized in every state. Smoking marijuana has been proven to be no worse then cigarettes and booze or any other legalized substance. With what we know about marijuana people should be allowed to use it responsible if they desire to do so.

  • "yes" people are missing the point...

    False arguments:
    1. "Medical use": The same active ingredients can be produced and found in high-grade pills; these pills can give the same "medical" use as smoking. The idea that it should be legalized for medical use is a veiled attempt to allow for general legalization, and the "prescribing" doctors often allow for the "medical" weed without real rationale (headaches? C'mon).
    2. "Smoking it is as safe as cigarettes": Pot smoke is not exactly filtered, nor is it "low volume" by any means. Lets say, for arguments sake, that it is no worse than cigarette smoke. Is that idea really supportive of pot "rights"? Please Google lung cancer and smoking
    3. "Money saving, money making": very, very few people have been arrested at the Federal level for pot when compared to other drugs...I wonder if this idea about reducing the prison population that is currently stated as a pot issue will turn into a "legalizes all drugs" issue. After all, legalizing all of them would cause the prison population to shrink dramatically. One thing leads to another, and I do not trust most motives. Also, I do not expect the drug cartels to give up their ILLEGAL empires just because things are legal.

  • Drugs lead to violence

    After taking the drug, a person will most likely crave more and more of it. And once they do have more and more, they will become addicted and there body couldn't run without it. And if the drug is taken away from the body, the body will not run well without. Causing the person to do whatever it takes to get more, stealing money, fights, killing people, just to get more of it.

    Violence just goes along will drugs like A toddler and their blanket, they just will always be together. And one way to stop all of the violence with drugs is to just make them illegal in all of the states.

  • Drugs should Remain Illegal

    Any drugs which affect the mental state of a person should be illegal. Governments should have a duty of care for people and put as many obstacles between the public and drugs as possible. Unlike alcohol, which is also questionable, a really small amount on marijuana can seriously affect the mood and actions of a person.

  • It shouldn't be.

    I'm surprised it's even legal in half the country. It's more addictive than tobacco and almost as deadly. People smuggle it, sell it in restaurants, and people get high...And if it's legalized in more states, things could get worse. It can help with certain illnesses, but it makes people crazy. So NO TO POT!

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