• My opinion on this topic

    Weed should be legal. Why? Let alone the fact medical marijuana has been around for thousands of years, it is a healthier alternative. For example, over 85% of children have ADD or ADHD and if they smoke the right strain it will "hinder" the two learning disabilities, by making the children focus. Of course, there will be side effects that may be "redirecting" such as drowsiness, lowered coordination time and a couple of others, but think about it try to think of one major medicine without any side effects. Medical Marijuana also has countless other helpful purposes, such as slowing down tumor growth, preventing seizures and alzheimers. I'm not saying it should be easy to get as candy, but to prevent any "irresponsible" use, we should have licenses saying "this person has -----, and need to smoke two grams." But, remember the people against marijuana, are so for a reason, maybe a family member overdose and so will generalize it. I believe that medical marijuana if, used responsible will make things better, such as tax money. In addition, alcohol is legal have resulted in 75,000 death a year, yet the number of marijuana death is 26, from the year 1997 to 2007. So, believe if govern right, it will make a positive impact on humanity.

  • This makes you stupid

    Weed makes you have a slow reaction to every thing. This drug makes you have car crashes and makes you feel alone from every one.There are many things that affect that you make bad discindion about you and the people around you. This will make crime rates go up and car crashes go up even more. This is why we should not legalize weed.

  • It will only enable crime.

    If there's a regulated and controlled industry of something, and people have a safe and legal method of obtaining marijuana, the drug dealers and cartels will have to give up on trafficking. With legalization and regulation, it helps prevent crime. Prohibition banned alcohol and as a result, dishonest rings of organized crime took over and it only resulted in violence and it lined the pockets of criminals.

  • If alcohol and tobacco are legal, marijuana should definitely be legal.

    No one has overdosed, no one has ever crashed because they were high, no one gets aggressive. There's countless reasons why marijuana should be legalized. Our economy would see a positive impact and of course I believe it should be regulated. No under age use. A limited amount should be sold and much more. I think this would also stop the criminal justice system from arresting people with drug possessions. These people are non violent and shouldn't have to be placed in jail and ruin their record for a drug possession.

  • Ridiculously vilified substance for no particular reason

    If weed were legalized, it could be regulated and taxed. This means money is earned, rather than wasted on silly criminal charges. It also means that the weed everyone is smoking would be safer, because you could buy it from a reliable source, without the fear of it being laced. If the government is worried about the potency of weed, that could be regulated as well. This would also reduce the prominence of drug dealing, and the violence that coincides with that industry. Safer for citizens, and financially beneficial for the government. Plus it is less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes from a physical standpoint. It is utterly ridiculous to continue to criminalize the possession and use of marijuana.

  • Taxes Taxes Taxes

    If California would legalize marijuana it would get out of bankruptcy in no time. California weed is idealized all over the United States and Mexico it would make a great export. Weed is much healthier when compared to heroine or cigarettes even, and those are legal and taxes heavily doing the same with weed would make a go investment.

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