Marine Le Pen defends Russian funding: Is Russia funding far-right leaders worldwide?

  • Covertly or overtly, Russia is as engaged in covert action as it has ever been

    After what at least appeared to be a decade-long hiatus of covert action for foreign intervention, Russia once again appears to have its hands in the cookie jar and is using its pocketbook to influence events around the globe. The answer to the question is an obvious yes, but the more important questions are "why?" and "does it matter?"

  • This may have been going on for a while.

    There's been reports of Russia funding the far-right in Germany and Greece, so I suspect they have been funding these parties in other countries and for a considerable while now. I don't understand why a country that gave birth to communism would prefer the right and their capitalist tendencies. The Russians have been covert and very smart. The world should be wary.

  • Russia is funding far-right leaders worldwide

    Yes, Russia is funding far-right leaders worldwide. These close ties with political parties in Europe will give Putin more leverage. Le Pen thinks that Putin is a true patriot and defender of European values. The European right sees the Putin has defended national sovereignty and conservative values and has challenged US influence.

  • Russia only cares about itself.

    Russia is not funding far-right leaders worldwide, because at the end of the day, Russia is far left, they are not far right. Russia is not fascist. It is communist. Russia wants to dominate the world. They do not care to set up a coalition where they are one of many strong countries. They want to dominate.

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