• Sonic is superior

    This is because:
    he has faced way nastier and tougher bad guys.
    He is a much more gracious loser (have you seen the look on mario's face when he lost to luigi!)
    He has a personality
    Ha can form full sentences.
    He is WAY more powerful
    He has more powerups which are bazzilion fold more powerful (he can reach the level of near god!)
    He has decent enemies that actually have a new plan each time they attack!
    His friends are powerful creative and well thought characters.
    He is the fastest thing alive!
    ......The list goes on


  • Sonic is just a copy

    Mario is the game character who single handedly revolutionised the home gaming industry. We would not have what we have today if it wasn't for. Mario. Sonic was a copy by Sega once Mario proved so popular with nintendo.

    Sonic moves so fast it does not allow for the exploration you get in mario and mario has had many, many more games than sonic.

  • I'm sorry Sonic.

    I'm not saying like sonic is a bad series of games. But Mario seems to have more things to do in the games than go though loops. Unless It's the Olympic games I'm playing Mario games. Plus mario seems to make you want to play the games more they have so more things hiden than Sonic.

  • Sonic is not the same or fade to Mario

    First of all, there would be no GREAT games from Sonic and a lot of kids like Sonic games. Just because Mario was first made that doesn't mean that Sonic is a copy. Sonic was made from Sega, so that is way different from Mario. There charecters are really different from Mario and very creative in the games own way. So, I believe that Sonic has a way better program that Mario

  • Sonic is just as important as Mario!

    Without Sonic, expect Nintendo making crappy video games during the 90s and probably later on. Sonic was his major competitor and got Nintendo and SEGA competing (Competition is a win for us).

    Also for me at least, Sonic has far better potential than Mario. From every Super Mario Bros. Game, all Mario does in every one is capture castles and destroy Bowser to save Princess Peach. Sonic on the other hand adds more characters and plot devices in each game.

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