Marjorie Taylor Green is a degenerate like Trump and unfit for office.

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • The people of Georgia should be ashamed.

    It baffles my mind that someone as clearly deranged as MTG could be elected into office. When Georgia sends their people, They're not sending their best. MTG has been harassing AOC for at least a year now. With footage of her camping outside of AOC's office making childish taunts. This woman is an elected official and without a doubt the most unprofessional government official in U. S. History. She she shamelessly harassed a survivor of a shooting, Subscribes to the QAnon conspiracy theory, And represents the state of Georgia whose Republican base still opposes interracial marriage. You can't defend this woman without implicating yourself to be a whackjob like she is.

  • You triggered, Snowflake?

    God I hope Marjorie Taylor Greene remains a congresswoman for a long time. I love how she triggers you leftist morons. Like a heat lamp melting snowflakes. Imagine if she became President, All you liberals always wanted a woman President, Right? The left wing media and you sensitive snowflakes would be driven up the wall since the first woman President would be a CONSERVATIVE and not the feminazi you wanted.

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