Mark Kirk is under fire for comments about Tammy Duckworth's Thai heritage. Should he quit the race?

  • It shows how racist he actually is

    I had to look up this story to get informed. From what I read he apparently made racist remarks about her. She said something about her family serving the country and he contested it. She has a purple heart and lost both her legs while fighting for this country. I think her patriotism speaks for itself.

  • Yes, he should

    Just because Trump still has not lost all of his followers for saying things like this and worse, does not make it okay for anyone to say things like this. What he said was not only racist and insensitive, but it did not make much sense. He should quit and concede the race.

  • Not sure he should quit for being stupid

    Kirk really came off as an idiot and those comments were ignorant and snarky. That being said, I'm not sure they're disqualifying. After all Trump has said and done much worse during this crap storm of a campaign. Some of this things he's said violate our basic principles of decency and I don't think Kirk's comments rise to that level.

  • People are entitled to ignorance

    If Mr. Trump can be allowed to say all the things he has said and remain in the presidential race, why on earth should anybody be held to a higher standard in any race? If he words are that offensive, let him be quit of the race by electing his opponent.

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