Mark Zuckerberg: Immigration reform is one of the 'biggest civil rights issues of our time.' Do you agree?

  • Immigration Reform Needs To Be Fixed

    Immigration reform has become a large civil right issue is our time because the laws have become convoluted at the same time we have seen a large influx of immigration. People tend to immigrant when they feel the need to, rather than waiting for permission from governing entities, so problems with law need to be reworked to allow a higher precedent for civil rights.

  • Gay Rights More Important

    Immigration reform isn't a matter of civil rights. Immigration reform is a matter of keeping illegal immigrants out of the United States either by a wall, fence or denying immigrants access to services. Somehow, businesses in the United States still hire foreign illegals for less than minimum wage and get away with it. Gay rights are the greatest civil rights issue of our time because they aren't trying to cross into the United States illegally. U.S. citizens have civil rights--illegal immigrants don't.

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