• Yes, there is hope for America to recover.

    Yes, there is hope for America to recover. The country is in an upheaval because we suddenly have a country where our leader-elect has on experience in politics and no one is sure whether he can perform or not. He is also an individual whose words and actions have already upset many people. No one knows what will happen. As things begin to settle out, markets will react in kind.

  • They didn't really tank.

    Shortly after the drop in the futures market, the market rallied and recovered. There will always be some people who do not like the outcome of an election. Ultimately, the people who hold local office have far more say in the actual lives of people than someone sitting in Washington DC. It doesn't matter that much.

  • There is always hope

    And I'm currently feeling a bit raw and very despairing. I feel like misogyny, racism, and intolerance won the day. However, there's always hope. We can't stop and we can't give up. That's the American spirit, and hopefully despite what the GOP and Trump are doing to this country, markets and all of us can recover.

  • No, markets are on the rise.

    No markets are not tanking, but are booming in response to Trump's win. The DOW is up 200 points today according to Google Finance and is at a record high. Many are optimistic about the prosperity that America is having,and that is being reflected in the increase in the markets.

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