Marlins Man Skips World Series Due To Safety Concerns: Are Major League Sports Fans Out of Control?

  • Yes they are

    Sports fans in America may need a p.r. campaign. Last week, in a frenzied fit of disapproval over an umpire’s call, Atlanta Braves fans dangerously hurled bottles and cans onto the field. Then Kansas City fans booed their own resident quarterback, Matt Cassel, while he lay unconscious after he took a rattling duo of hits that put him in that position.

  • Some major league sports fans are out of control.

    Death threats should never be sent to anyone, much less to another fan who has done a lot of good and no harm. Pride in your team can be shown in many ways, including wearing bright orange and sitting in the camera shot every game you go to. Dressing up and chanting with other fans is another great way to show pride, but to harass another fan and send him death threats forcing him to get security guards to escort him out of a game is way too far.

  • It Shouldn't Come to That

    A person shouldn't have to skip going to a sporting event that they are looking forward to because they are concerned about their safety. This person should have felt safe to attend the game. If the Indians needed more outside police presence in order to make this person feel safe, they should have it. Sports fans need to learn that sports are not life and death.

  • These are isolated incidents

    There are instances of fans getting carried away in every sport, but these are isolated incidents rather than large scale behavior. The vast majority of major sports fans just want to cheer for their team and have fun with other people in the stadium, or at bars and parties. Alcohol has more to do with violence than sports does.

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