• We're getting there.

    This generation is growing up with such an overexposure to divorces and unhappy marriages. My mother's marriage ended in a divorce, and so did her own mother and father's. Marriage seems like such an archaic concept in the 21st century (with many relationships lasting less than a year) since chivalry is pretty much dead nowadays. Seriously, who goes on dates anymore?

  • My generation doesn't truly know what it is and what it means

    Marriage IMO is doomed!! Mostly because my generation of people (teens, 20s, early 30s) do not have any clue what marriage actually means. They are so caught up in the fairytale stories they read when they were younger or the Hollywood ROMCOM movies they watched as they got older that marriage, in its truest form, no longer exists in their minds. Most of them think in very illogical terms when it comes to marriage: they want to get married because they're so in love and fully embrace this why-wait-YOLO reasoning as to why they should marry, their parents married young and it was/is successful, their parents divorced but that is because they weren't as in love as 'they' are and they will never be their parents, or even that getting married will "fix" them. All of it is laughable and most of it ends up in messy, avoidable divorces. The concept of love is complex in and of itself but the concept of marriage is rather simple: for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, till death do we part. And until you've truly gotten to know a person to their core, until you've felt heartbreak, until you've experienced what the world has to offer, until you've found God or some other source of higher power to keep you accountable...You will NEVER be able to keep that promise to someone else. So, yes, in summation, marriage as we know it is doomed.

  • What is marriage anyway?

    I'll miss marriage if it keeps going the direction it is headed. The point is that it sets up an ideal situation for a family. Marriage is about families. A family needs both a mother and a father. Males are different from females, and as such, each can carry out different roles more effectively. I know that divorce is sometimes necessary, and death can also occur unexpectedly. Sure, you can make do with different family situations, but it is far from ideal, and can be a lot harder on children. So why would we try to make it easier for these non-ideal families to be created by allowing gay marriage? As a society, I think it takes us down a bad direction. I doubt there have been many long term studies on children raised by gay parents, but I don't believe the results will be positive when compared with the average traditional family.

    To me it's not about allowing a "civil right" when we allow gays to marry. Instead it is trying to be accepting of those people who experience same-gender attraction. I think that there are many which need to be more understanding of gays, and I think there are many more who are already supportive and understanding--as they should be. However, it is okay to accept someone for being different and still not let them do whatever they want to when it may cause harm to others. They may love someone of the same sex and want to commit to stay together, but keeping marriage between one man and one woman allows the best chance for ideal families to be formed--where children have the greatest chance to grow up successfully.

    If two gays (or any other people) want to commit to be together and get tax benefits, or live together, or whatever else they choose to do together, that is fine. They can decide what they want to do, and we can be just as kind and understanding of them as we would be of any other person. I just think that we as a society need to be cautious that we allow children only the best possible environment to grow up in.

  • Well, sort of, but not really.

    Marriage as we know it isn't really doomed. It is doomed to be adjusted appropriately to allow for equal rights for everyone. So long as progress in this area continues in favor of human rights, we will see marriage stay much the same, but different in that every consenting adult will be included. To me, this is a beautiful thing. If it's doomed, this is a good doom.

  • How so bro?

    Because it's not. And I'm a Christian. Seriously, this whole thing is stupid stupid stupid. Marriage is a man made thing and if this has something to do with religion, then it doesn't. Marriage is a ritual for two lovers who want to be with each other as one whole

  • America is not the world

    While America and a few other western countries are either weeping over or bashing marriage, the rest of the world is STILL getting married and enjoying it as it should be and as it has been established since the beginning of mankind. In modern history law was involved to protect families legally but marriage has always been and will always be. Living abroad has opened my mind and I find it refreshing to see how easily and normally people talk about marriage in other countries, young folks as well. No game to trick someone into marriage, no pressure to wonder whether it is the right or wrong time to talk about it. In non-western societies, even on the FIRST DATE people ask if you're marriage oriented so that they know right away if they're wasting their time or not. To 80% of the world, marriage is good and well. And I agree 100%

  • Who will miss it anyway?

    Until recently, marriage was not just between a man and a woman, but till death did them part. My mother's father's father was originally married to a Jewish lady, but then he fell in love with my mother's grandmother and managed to arrange a divorce and remarriage, but this was considered highly shameful at the time and many of the poor man's friends left him. This undoubtedly speeded his tragic death when my grandfather was a little child, and my grandfather has a much different attitude. His wife died nearly 13 years ago, and he refuses to abandon her. However, not everyone these days is like him, and sadly many marriages that seem perfect ideas at the time turn sour many years later. Legally recognizing this surely "ruined marriage as we knew it," but it greatly freed up individual people, and we've since gotten used to it. Gay marriage is much more mild than that.

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