Marriage is just tolerance, The "love" eventually fades away after years and years of living together. What do you think?

Asked by: Rebbz
  • My view on marriage

    Is the love still there for couples who have been together for many years? I've seen many marriages that look blunt. There is just no spark between the couple. It just looks like love has worn off and the couple is just co-existing with each other. What are your views?

  • Not necessarily true

    You cannot blanket term all possible marriages, The human factor is simply too random for it to be tied down to one formula.

    Marital success depends on many variables, Such as environment, Socioeconomic class or judt the people proper.

    This line of thinking also falls under a fallacy that embarrassingly I cannot recall the name of, As in denying a possible outcome's existence due to not having witnessed it personally.

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