Marriage is just tolerance, The "love" will eventually fade away after years and years of living together. What do you think?

Asked by: Rebbz
  • In most cases, Probably, But not always

    I am definitely not an expert on this as I have never been married, But judging from observations, I would venture to say yes, In most cases, Though not always.

    Several decades ago, Divorce rates were lower because people believed that marriage was more of a responsibility and it was irresponsible to divorce just because you fell out of love. Nowadays, We're taught that marriage is all about love, Which could explain part of the higher divorce rates that we see today. So if that could partly (not completely, Obviously) explain the divorce rates today, It would make sense to say that naturally, Yes, Romance often does end in marriage at some point.

  • Everything is for a reason

    If you marry someone and stay with them it's for an obvious reason, Because you love them and are dedicated to your relationship. If you fall out of love you can always get a divorce, Which I have seen many couples do. But I also see couples that last until one passes away. Sometimes people don't marry after being widowed or sometimes even divorced because they truly love that person. In some cases can marriage be a tolerance, Yes. But we should never exclude the possibility that sometimes things do work out.

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