• It definitely is not

    - The bible, as written in Hebrew never uses the term marriage: ex. Genesis 2:24 "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."
    - Existed before Christianity, within many other religions: Ancient Mesopotamia, China, Greece and Rome, Native american religions, Pagan, among others.

  • Marriage predates Christianity

    Not only does marriage predate Christianity, it presents in various forms, secular and religious, throughout history and in various traditions. This is quite simple and straightforward.

    How can one call it Christian if it existed before Christ? How can one even call it part of the Abrahamic faiths alone if it exists in other forms?

  • Don't confuse a legal marriage with a religious ceremony.

    There are many religious marriage ceremonies. Anyone can perform a religious ceremony and be "married in the eyes of God."
    This does not make it a legal binding marriage.
    The marriage is literally when you go to the clerk, pay your fee, and sign both names on the dotted line.
    THATS when you're legally married.
    Marriage was created by man. As was religion.

  • Marriage is the joining of two families.

    That is the proper definition of marriage. If you don't think so, then I'm afraid you have been indoctrinated into believing false ideas. The purpose of marriage is to join two families with different surnames so that they can produce offspring to extend the bloodline of the two families, to inherit the ideals of their ancestors, and to make the world a better place. It is a human event, independent of religion.

  • Marriage is definitely not Christian....

    Marriage pre-dates Christianity. Therefore according to Christian delusions these people were unbelievers...Or atheists.
    So we can safely conclude that the original concept of marriage was when one atheist promises to be faithful to another atheist.
    This is just another attempt by Christians to hijack long held atheist traditions.
    This can be verified in the gospels according to Carl and Christopher verses 8 to 23

  • Depends on what you mean.

    It's not a uniquely Christian concept and predates Christianity by millenia. For example a 4000-year-old Babylonian law code regulated marriage in ancient Mesopotamia. The earliest known marriage certificate also predates Christianity, though only by a few centuries. Is the institution of marrige however incompatible with Christian doctrine and thus un-Christian in that sense? No.

  • God made marriage

    The purpose of marriage is to experience what having a relationship with God is like, the closest thing we can get to heaven. God made marriage so humans could have a help mate slash life mate, Adam was alone in the garden of Eden so God made eve from his rib so he could have a companion.

  • Marriage is not EXCLUSIVELY Christian

    This resolution would easily cost you the debate if somebody played the semantics card.

    Christians wed in Christian ceremonies so marriage is obviously Christian in some cases. Same goes for every creed and religion that has ever walked the Earth, many of them long before the date of Christ's birth.

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