Marriage is outdated: Is marriage an outdated institution?

  • Your relationship is your own business.

    Why get married? Other than to rinse a man of course? We woman need to get this silly notion of "if he truly loves me then he will marry me" out of our heads. I am a woman and never wanted to get married, despite family pressure. I am perfectly happy just changing my name and title by deed poll and purchasing our rings. My family and our social circle accepted that and so do the local authorities.
    Marriage is outdated, costly and now the only purpose it provides is to bring FALSE stability to a relationship. I would not want a man to only stay with me because "we are married". It would still eventually just lead to divorce which is too easy these days.
    Couples can commit themselves privately, there is no need for a big traditional wedding. It doesn't matter how big or traditional the wedding is, it may leave you or your partner feeling trapped and anxious if things do not work out as you thought they would. Certainly do not get married unless you have been together for over 2 1/2 years.
    I've been "married" in this way for 5 years with a relationship that is just as good as it was in the beginning. We both choose to stay, not because we are married, but because we love each other and that is the only stability that will save your relationship in the long run if things turn sour.
    Not marriage... Love.

    Posted by: gd29
  • Marriage is a great concept, but

    To keep marriage as the ultimate expression of love seems to really harm more people than it helps them. If we had some different route, then people would not have to fear about fidelity their whole lives and ruin their children's lives because of it. While ideally people can pledge eternal faith to one another, not everyone was made for that and the way our society is now, it is just too easy for some to feel that marriage is too important to give up, but also to make marriage the biggest mistake of your life and not see a way out. The minds of the people are weak because we lack the environments to nourish them within, so we should not expect them to be as upstanding as they once were capable of being.

  • Marriage is Sacred

    If you are not married, than all of the carnal actions we as humans enjoy participating in are sin. Beyond that there is the fact that children raised by a married man and woman are much more stable and see commitment. If we do what we please with out committing in front of God and our friends and families imagine the repricussions

  • Marriage is Stability

    Marriage provide stability and is an important building block for
    The society to prevent people from acting selfishly in relationship just for the sexual pleasure without the commitment. Imagine a world without marriages. Many children are going to be raised in single parent setup. Most men will just walk away as it is pretty convenient to do so without marriage. Getting into a convenant is a statement of intend to stick with our spouse and through thick and thin.

  • Marriage is a promise

    Marriage is a promise you make in front of you friends and family and they expect you to keep it. This encourages you to keep this vow and give your partner affection and love. I'm not saying that the only reason why people stay married is because of this, but it does contribute compared to just being partners and you are legally and mentally bound to each other.

  • Marriage should still be scared

    While I do think these days people tend to take Marriage for granted, and possibly jump into it a little too quick, I do not think Marriage is outdated by any means. There are still countries, cultures, and people out there who take Marriage very seriously, and do not try to soil it.

  • Marriage is traditional.

    Marriage is a traditional ceremony. There is a difference between being traditional and being outdated. Ideally, marriage should reflect the value of commitment. Marriage shows that one man and one woman can commit to themselves for the rest of their lives. Regardless of how old the concept of marriage may be, it is still a beautiful thought.

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