• Yes, this man is doing his daughter a disservice.

    This is an incredibly sad story and I am glad to hear that the court intervened. Even if the daughter was willing to enter the marriage, at 14, she does not have the capacity to understand that decision. I hope that she is now in a better environment where she'll have the chance to get better opportunities.

  • Absolutely not a fit parent

    A parent's duty is to protect their child from harm. Forcing your 14-year old daughter to marry a man who raped her is doing just the opposite. Religious beliefs or not, there is no excuse for handing your daughter over to a sick and perverted man who wishes to do harm to her.

  • Yes, the girl's father is completely wrong to marry his daughter's rapist

    Yes, it is wrong for this girl's father to marry his daughter's rapist. It promotes the belief that women should not be protected from their abusers, which perpetuates further violence against women. The daughter will no longer feel safe at home, and not only that, because her father is married to her rapist, it could create an opportunity for the daughter to be a victim again.

  • Not insane--just a terrible father

    I don't believe this girl's father is insane. However, I believe that he is uncaring and very negligent. This father seems to be more concerned about himself than the safety and well-being of his daughter. He obviously is oblivious to the seriousness of rape, and I feel very sorry for his poor daughter.

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