• Yes Need to Be Safe

    Until we can reach herd immunity, I think masks should still be required for now to make sure ALL people are safe since not everyone who can be is fully vaccinated yet. Face masks have been proven time and time again to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19, And we need to listen to the science and save lives.

  • Yes but I think it should be a choice

    I’m only saying yes because dr Anthony fauci admitted that the government was lying to the people when they said “masks don’t work”. They apparently did know that they did work and they admitted they lied and their research showed the opposite. However if someone were to wear masks I would rather that be completely up to them instead of forcing everyone to wear them.

  • Masks are important for disease prevention and mitigation

    I know I'm the only YES answer thus far but the multitude of academic articles that outline how masks prevent disease spread (and other things like gloves work) proves that for the time being, We need to do our part in that! I know people who wore masks when the flu was breaking out and had we all just did that in the beginning, We wouldn't be here.

  • Masks are just government BS that don't work. THEY SHOULD BE A CHOICE

    Masks are just total BS. They don't work. Before Covid, We had the freedom to choose and have the choice to do stuff. But masks started coming once covid started. Now the government is choosing for us (Forcing us to wear masks when in public). We should still have a choice. Let's not put other peoples fear on our face. Plus they increase carbon dioxide levels to a bad level.

  • Know the science

    Research found masks did not exclude airborne viruses and virus infection rates were similar for masked and unmasked people. The covid-19 virus is 0. 125 microns, Very small, And masks reduced particles of 0. 3 microns and larger. Viruses have been part of human populations for centuries and are not going away despite masks and vaccines.

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