Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is still very accurate and relevant in 2021

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  • I believe survival's Rule of Threes provides a more accurate framework.

    Here’s the Rule of Threes in a nutshell, After which we’ll go into it in depth:

    3 seconds – time of useful consciousness due to explosive decompression in a vacuum
    3 minutes – time of useful consciousness for an athlete in top physical condition without air; you begin to succumb to hypothermia if plunged into icy seawater
    3 hours – you can succumb to hypothermia on land
    3 days – you die without water
    3 weeks – you die without food
    3 months – you die without adequate nutrition
    3 years – you’ll give up without other humans

    While Maslow does excel with respect to recognizing the human need for self-actualization, Many self-actualized individuals, Myself included, Would argue this involves achieving a measure of continued success while moving beyond their own survival needs. Thus, Having and taking care of one's family, Neighbors and local and national community fully meets Maslow's multiple definitions.

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