Massachusetts legalizes recreational marijuana: Should marijuana be legalized everywhere?

  • Marijuana should be legalized everywhere

    Marijuana should be legalized everywhere because to continue keeping it illegal is a massive waste of time, money and resources. The reality is that keeping it illegal is driven by law enforcement unions who stand to benefit by job security. The more crime, the better job prospects. It is also driven by the alcohol lobby who do not want competition.

  • Yes, it should be.

    Marijuana should be legalized everywhere. Massachusetts did a wonderful job by legalizing recreational marijuana. This is because marijuana is not harmful to our health. In fact it is good to our health since it can cure some diseases. For recreational purposes, it helps make people joyful and have fun just like liquor.

  • Marihuana should be legal everywhere.

    Marihuana is not a harmful drug, it is a plant that helps people focus, sleep, relieve pain, and expand their minds, among other things but the point is that it is less dangerous than tobacco and alcohol and those two things are legal. Not only that but if Trump really wants to fix this economy then repeal the second Prohibition and make marihuana legal because the money this country would make from marihuana sales would enable us to get out of debt and buy our stuff back from China.

  • It does more harm than good.

    No, marijuana should not be legalized everywhere because marijuana does more harm than good. Marijuana helps some people but it also kills a lot of people. Those who want to smoke marijuana won't admit it, but the truth is that a lot of people drive while high and that kills other people. It must stay illegal for the good of society.

  • Good Luck finding a job

    Colorado is one of the first states to legalize marijuana. They now say they are having trouble finding people who can pass a drug test to work. Just about every job needs you to be able to pass a drug test to get the job, so go ahead and screw everyone's chances. By legalizing Marijuana it will just start a chain reaction. DWI's will be up, Unemployment will be up, Poverty rates will rise, and the percentage on welfare will go up. We can't even afford to give this much welfare at our current rate. Also it is harmful to our health because the proved marijuana weakens the heart muscles and if you're cool with that, go ahead and smoke it while you're sitting at home during work hours.

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