Masses of Stingrays die off the coast of Thailand: Should they start taking pollution more seriously?

  • I agree we need to take pollution more seriously.

    Thousands of animals die each year do to man-made pollution. The oceans, land and air are being polluted daily and our animals and ecosystems are in danger of extinction if we don't do something about it. Many efforts have been made in recent years to prevent pollution but more has to be done.

  • Pollution effects much of our oceans.

    Stingray die off is only a symptom of a bigger problem. We are poisoning our oceans and need to take much better care of them than we are. Climate change, run off from factories and other types of industrial waste, run off from farms, various chemical and oil spills all do permanent damage to the environment. It is important that we protect and clean the oceans because they are the biggest part of the planet.

  • Scientists have warned of mass-extinction, environmental regulation in Thailand is necessary

    The death of stingrays near Thailand indicates a toxic environment. Scientists have warned that if governments don't take significant steps to curtail their environmental impact, the Earth will likely see mass extinction. The death of only one species has a detrimental effect on the planet by creating an imbalance in the food chain. If Thailand does not reconfigure its environmental protection efforts, the extinction of stingrays will not be the only consequence.

  • Yes, pollution should be a concern for Thailand

    Thailand, as well as most of Southeast Asia, is home to some of the most diverse and unique ecosystems on the planet. Studies have shown that pollution in the area is severely impacting those ecosystems' future. If Thailand wants to preserve its environmental legacy, it should act quickly to curb pollution.

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