• Yes, Masterminds will be a hit.

    In my opinion this real life heist caper will be a hit if for no other reason its cast. Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis and Jason Sudekis are all big crowd draws. The movie will appeal to those looking for a laugh as well as lots of fast-paced action.

  • Yes, this new movie will be a hit.

    Yes, this new movie will be a hit because of its cast. Some of the funniest people in the world are in this movie, and it is also based on a true story. The previews for the film are laugh out loud hilarious already. It will be a huge success.

  • Yes, Masterminds movie will be a hit

    The movie Masterminds is a comedy caper about a robbery and the stars of the movie are all well known, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wig and Jason Sudekis so they carry a fan following. Comedy movies such as this offer a bit of relief from the heavy news and harsh events of the world, so the timing of the movie release is ideal.

  • Yes, it will

    Yes, because it resembles many similar comedies which have been popular in the recent five to ten years. People generally enjoy this genre of trivial comedies accompanied by some criminal plot just to make everything a bit (but not too much) unpredictable. The less bothering about the storyline, the more popular the movie will be.

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