Match-Making for Geniuses: Is dating a genius all it's cracked up to be?

  • There is nothing Worse than Bordom

    A true genius will have knowledge on a variety of topics. This means there will rarely be a lack in conversation and topics to discuss. One of the main things that holds a relationship together is the ability to communicate. This can be done more effectively with a partner who has knowledge in an array of topics and advanced knowledge and interests in some.

  • Dating a genius?

    Have you ever wanted to date a genius? I think dating a genius would improve your life in an amazing way. They can help you become the best in anything you want to do in life. They can help you money wise and also teach you something new. Dating a genius is a dream.

  • They're more entertaining.

    Yes, dating a genius is all it's cracked up to be, because a genius is a good date for many reasons. A genius is likely to be clever, and that means that they are probably more entertaining to be around. Also, a genius is more likely to have a good job, which means they are more likely to pay for the date.

  • There is matchmaking for geniuses ?

    Where do I sign up , for one thing conversing with people who are actually smart is nice thats why I'm here on debate.Org . Another reason is that being logical they and I would be able to work through issues in a calm collected manner that would result in mutual agreement . Not to mention the chances of them liking me are higher .

    To refute one of their claims personality is in the brain.

  • It's nothing extra special...

    Germanium = makes for stronger, better, and faster computer chips than silicon...
    Nickel = is going up in price and more valuable than a zinc penny...
    Uranium = is mandated by the FDA to be in our water supply and probably worse for us than the Fluoride in it...
    Sulfur = is very common among the geysers of Yellowstone and smells like rotten eggs...

  • Date the person, not the brain

    The whole idea of match-making for geniuses is a little flawed. While intelligence can be a very attractive quality in a person, dating a genius could be a little intimidating for a person of average intelligence. It shouldn't really matter if the person in a genius or not, as long as you share similar interests and goals.

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