• Yeah maths is stupid

    Who needs numbers anyways. When I grow up i'm gonna be a kajillion-aire. I'm gonna have 100 cars, one for each of the 100 fingers I have. Numbers are just dumb. Who cares how many pills I'm supposed to take in a 24 hour period so that I don't die, they just print that on the label because they have to. If I have 10 dollars and I wanna buy a book that's 15 dollars, it's ok because I will still have -5 dollars! 6 out of 4 people can't even do good math anyways, even if they are taught well. My family will eat just fine out of a dumpster, who needs to know how to do dumb things like measure flour, water, or sugar. Or dumb things like how to figure out how much time I have left to get to the grocery store before it closes so I can buy the flour and sugar. Ugh, math. So pointless.

  • Absolutely not at the primary level.

    The maths you learn at the primary level are basic. Stuff like evaluating simple arithmetic operations, identifying geometric shapes, and reading simple statistical chart are essential to life. It would be highly inconvenient to have to calculate sums like 21/3 with a calculator when you can do it in a split second in your head. There is also no reason for one not to learn basic statistical charts like bar charts, which you are likely to come across in everyday life, or even more complex ones like scatter diagrams and histograms.

  • We would all be ignorant without math.

    Where I live, Elementary school ranges to 1-5 or 1-6 grades in a school. We all learned addition and subtraction in first grade and multiplication and division in 2 and 3 grade. Those are just the basics and not enough of what we actually need to learn. Egyptians created PI which is 3.14, but if we wanted to be close, Pi is 3.14159265359. They learned to make amazing things with math. You would help other people with math, especially when you are younger.

  • Math is obviously one of the most critical life skills for the human brain.

    When learning anything, it is almost always better to start at an early age. Math is one of those. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are great for the youthful mind. Math helps the way you process information, and you need to use it in many situations throughout life. To start early is very important , because if you start math in elementary school, you'll be at more complex problems by the time you reach middle school and high school. So why wait?

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