Math is an important subject to learn. Agree or disagree?

Asked by: HakuraYuki
  • Oh boy fun

    Though you will probably never use most of your high school math, It is one of the few things in school that actually does improve your brain function and logical/critical thinking abilities. A common misconception about school is that it should teach you useful facts, But it should ACTUALLY be teaching you how to solve problems and understand multiple dimensions of any given subject. As of now, However, The majority of school is just useless facts that are to be forgotten the day after the test, Effectively making you a complacent sheep who can't do anything unless they are told exactly how to do it. Though I got worse at math in my later high school years, It's still one of, If not the most important classes you will ever take.

  • It's a fascinating and brain-exercising subject

    Maths isn't just another ordinary subject, It's a complex brain exercising subject. All the formulas, Problem solving and deep thinking that goes into math pushes our brains to think smarter and deeper. Maths isn't just a bunch of numbers, It's a pattern of numbers, It's not a boring school subject, It's the entrance to an interesting and fascinating world. Maths allows us to see what we don't see in the world. We speak in languages, We're surrounded by science and our hands create art, But it's inside our brains where we enter the world of maths.

  • More Useful Than Many Think

    Even if you never use the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus after high school, Math is one of the best subjects to learn problem-solving, Critical thinking and determination, All traits which are helpful in life.

    Being able to do math can be helpful in a myriad of everyday situations, From calculating the tip at a restaurant to estimating the probability that your lottery ticket will be a winner to budgeting your paycheck. And some more abstruse math concepts can also be helpful; you might use the Pythagorean Theorem when building something. Overall, The tools which math provides us are extremely helpful and in many cases indispensable.

  • You need math

    Every child is like why do I want to learn y = mx + c. It will never help me.
    Because the phone and the house you live in depend on math. Even carpenters need to be able to measure and make angled cuts.
    Sure an infulencer or a model or a painter will never have to bother with math, But those are basic skills that can help a person.
    How much money do I need if I buy paint by the gallon and how many followers are being added.
    Even drug dealers need to know grams and prices.

  • Math is good

    Math is important because learning it (no matter how much or little) will give one a different and better mindset towards the world (e. G. Learning fractions makes one look differently at sharing; one can then equally share things with others in the future). Specifically, Math teaches us to think logically and in logical steps. Learning math also helps very much in day-to-day activities, Like: finding the cheapest price for a product; estimating the amount of time it will take to finish a school project, Etc. Finally, Learning math gives one an opportunity to be involved in future math-based careers (and helps even in non-math-based jobs).

  • Math is not important to learn

    When I consider what is an important subject to learn in life I look at what people need to survive. People need food, Water, Shelter, And community. These are the bare bones of survival and as such, They are inherently important. Therefore, If a subject is not needed to provide these necessities it is not important to learn and vice versa. Following the same logic, Math is not required to provide for the necessities of life, Therefore math is not important to learn.

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