• Math is Harmful to mentally weak students

    Can you see that dice? If you cannot understand how many numbers are on that dice, then you may be one of the people I am referring to. Math is too strenuous for people with lesser intelligence and should be banned to save their brains from deteriorating into a worse condition.

  • Is this even serious.. Wow

    First of all, scientifically, doing work with your brain will not deteriorate it. Math is actually very good for mentally weak people as it focuses their brain on something. This stimulates your brain and can raise your IQ. Higher IQ is more money. More money tends to lead to less stress regarding financial problems. Secondly, Math is needed for almost everything. If you can't count money, your screwed. If thats the case you have more problems than math class coming your way if you can't count that dice.

  • Not at all.

    By 'mentally weak' I'll assume you're refering to the less intellectual individuals, not the 'mentally disabled or unstable.' If anything math stimulates the flunctuating of thoughts and logic. Math is not rigorous in extremity, you do not exert much physically or mentally. If someone argues there's heavy mental exertion then it's a matter of laziness or idiocy.

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