• Yes, possibly this is a drug related death.

    I think it is distinctly possible that Matt Bendik's ultimately death may be due to a drug overdose. Celebrities are well knows for their enjoyment of expensive pleasures including drugs and alcohol. Speculation about causes of death are relatively pointless before an autopsy. I would not be at all surprised however of this death was causes by a drug overdose.

  • Yes, it could be a possible overdose.

    While much cannot be said about Matt Bendik other than that he's the boyfriend of Glee Star Becca Tobin and a party animal, it is possible that his death could have been due to an overdose. While we don't speak about it, we all know how things are proceeded at parties and what goes on where, when and how. Being as loose as Matt, it could be that he was addicted and unknowingly took too much of whatever he was addicted to it.

  • Yes, I believe it could be.

    Whenever a young previously healthy famous celebrity dies in the hotel room alone after a night of going to the bars, I always think that an overdose was probably the most likely cause. It is a shame that these young people feel like they must turn to drugs to handle their fame.

  • No, tragic sudden death happens

    It's sad people would automatically jump to this conclusion. Matt was a self-made entrepreneur from the age of 14, very focused, highly accomplished through school, he had a dream, went to Cornell to study the hospitality business, and maintained his steady commitment to developing and operating his businesses up until his tragic sudden death at the young age of 31. Such speculation only hurts his grieving family and friends. It does not reflect the mentor, the thoughtful, caring young man many knew and will miss forever.

  • Too Soon for a Conclusion in Bendick Death

    It seems a bit premature to speculate that Matt Bendick's death is drug-related. Early news reports indicate the death was sudden, with no indication of foul play and no signs of drug or alcohol found. Given that this was a young man who grew up in the party scene since early teens and owned many high powered clubs associated with a hard partying crowd, it is entirely possible post mortem results will indicate drugs, but at this time we should give the benefit of the doubt for the sake of his family and friends. They are hurting and grieving and such ugly speculation will only compound their pain.

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