Maximum weekly working hours: Worker's wages - Would workers' wages and incomes benefit from a cap on working weeks?

  • There Should Be A Work Hour Cap

    There should be a limit to the amount of hours a person should be permitted to work each week. It is important for a person's mental and physical health that they have some time off each week and the right number of hours between each shift. However, they do need to pay to live, so the cap should not be too low.

  • No, business are not that simple.

    No, worker wages should not have a capped work week, because that is unfair to the employer as well as to a business. It would be nice if an employee's job fit neatly into a square box between the hours of 8 and 5, Monday through Friday, but businesses have unexpected things come up. Workers need to be able to respond to special situations at work.

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