Mayflower Arkansas Tornado Kills 16: Would you live in "Tornado Alley"?

  • Tornado Alley poses to great a risk

    I agree that Tornado Alley is dangerous and I believe that it would pose to great a risk to my family and I to live there. Every area of the United States is subject to natural disasters but I believe that tornadoes are especially dangerous due to the amount of destruction they cause.

  • For the right reasons

    I would not refuse to live in an area solely because there was an increased risk for weather damage; while I would not choose to live in Tornado-Alley in general, for the right reasons I could live there. There are natural disasters that occur everywhere, and you have to take some kind of risk wherever you are.

  • That adrenaline rush!

    Well as dangerous as it is, the tornado alley has low costs of living. The states are also really nice. Smithsonian magazine stated that "these people feel more optimistic about their chances of not being hit than those who’ve never experienced tornado damage."
    I would prolly live there myself :b

    Posted by: Cin
  • I do (close enough anyway, so I get tornados) and I want to leave

    The thing about tornados is that their totally random and absolutely terrifying. Some of the states in the tornado valley are nice, but if I was to decide where to live strictly based on which is the most potentially damaging natural disaster, I think tornado valley would be second to last on my list above hurricane friendly coasts. I'd far prefer to live near a fault line, at least you can build an earthquake proof house. You cant stop a tornado.

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