Mayor Kenney and police shooting: Is Philadelphia mayor ignorant in his statements that police shooting is not related to ISIS?

  • Quite ignorant indeed

    From what I've heard this man said he did the murder for ISIS and he pledged his loyalty to ISIS. It's not hard to understand that we have ISIS supporters here in the US. People are converting to Islam here in the US all the time. We are not safe.

  • Mayor Kenney is correct in his statements that police shootings are not ISIS-related

    There were police shootings long before we ever heard of ISIS. I believe police shootings are a result of problems we are having within our own communities here in the U.S.
    Mayor Kenney is right in his statements that ISIS is not to blame. Panic over a terrorist group is not the answer to issues we are having at home, and the longer we do not face the fact that these shootings are our problem, the worse the problem will become.

  • ISIS is not everywhere

    The mayor is not incorrect about his arguments because his work has to avoid panicking. I do not think all of these lunatics are actually related to ISIS. Ultimately, while ISIS is dangerous, they are criminals, and we should stop glorifying him. Mayor Kenney made the right decision in this matter.

  • No the Philadelphia mayor is not ignorant in his statements that police shooting is not related to ISIS.

    The Philadelphia mayor's statement that the police shooting is not related to ISIS is not ignorant. The mayor's statement simply reflects the facts of the shooting. The shooter's statements don't connect his specifically with ISIS. No one is disputing the fact the acts of the shooter were those of someone with Islamic terrorist leanings, but they have yet to be connected to ISIS.

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