• Mayweather Washed Up?

    Paquiao is determined, prepared, and seeking retribution. Mayweather, once retired, is slinging mud, demanding tests, and appears to have pre-event jitters. I predict that Paquiao will defeat his well-known and closely matched opponent because he is securing the mental edge before the fight. With the reports of drug testing, family involvement, and other issues, it appears that Mayweather is a little concerned that he can't go the distance and is already setting up excuses for his loss. While Mayweather is the favorite, Paquiao is being angered by all the smack talk. That may give him the extra edge he needs as he enters the ring with backed-up anger and an additional rush of adrenaline. Paquiao is a bit younger and has the need to prove himself and his abilities. What better way than to take on and conquer a well-known champion? While this is a very physical sport, a strong mental edge can certainly unbalance the competition and change the expected outcome. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking and a winning strategy that begins outside the ring.

  • Yes. Paquiao will upset Mayweather

    I believe the undefeated Mayweather will be upset by Paquiao. Paquiao is very energetic and has a different boxing stance that may be too much for Mayweather to handle. Mayweather is also old and even though he has a lot riding on the fight, I believe Paquiao will defeat him in the end based on the gravity of the situation and the bragging rights to say he was the only one to defeat Mayweather.

  • No, Paquiao will not upset Mayweather.

    Despite Manny Pacquiao being a good player, Floyd Mayweather is also a force to reckon with. Mayweather is an all time favourite player with a lot of wins under his belt and not to mention the fact that his wins have been undisputed. Mayweather may also be retiring soon which means he will put his best foot forward so that he goes home with a good reputation.

  • No, Pacquiao will not upset Mayweather.

    Mayweather is undefeated for a reason. He is unbeatable. He is a real-life super hero in a day when boxers don't go undefeated no matter how good they are. Whatever happens, the town of Las Vegas is going to be well prepared for it. This has to be the most hyped boxing match of the century.

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