McCann Mystery: Do you think that parents should leave their children at home unattended, even for a second?

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  • Depends on the child and the parents.

    I personally think yes, but it depends on different factors.

    For example, their age. I would never leave, say, a two year old by itself at home, but I would more likely leave an eight year old by itself. It also depends on trust. Can you trust your child? If I had a child which knew not to open the door to people, not to mess around with the knives and electrics, etc., but it was only seven, then I probably would do. But if I had an eleven year old who opened the door to everybody, who didn't follow my instructions all the time, I wouldn't leave it at home.

    Children are very different from one another. Perhaps past experiences show that you cannot trust children, therefore to this question you would reply no. Or maybe past experiences show that children listen and are reliable? Then you would reply yes. So it depends on the child, and the parents.

  • Yes, we cannot give in to unfounded claims of fear

    By leaving children at home unattended, we're giving them responsibility. We cannot shelter them for their entire lives, and they should understand the dangers of being home alone for a small portion of time. Even for five minutes, there is very little that can occur in such a short time frame if they are indoors.

  • Parents should be allowed to leave their children at home unattended

    Parents who provide their children with adequate protection from outside harm should be able to leave their children home alone for a short amount of time. Though there are high profile cases of child abductions or other issues from leaving children home alone, this is a very small portion of the total number of people who do so.

  • No, children should not be left alone.

    Children, babies and toddlers particularly, are vulnerable. They cannot fend for themselves in any way. To think that it is ok to leave your children alone whilst you dine out, pop next door etc. Is irresponsible, naive and neglectful. Except for absolute emergencies it should never happen.
    There has been a strange rallying of the middle class parent troops on this issue. A group of people who seem to think it's ok to abandon their parenting responsibilities whilst on holiday so that they can have a good time...It's their holiday too right?! I fin that astonishing. When you look at the facts in the cold light of day, without emotion, it's clear that leaving a 3 year old and two babies alone, even if your just 60 seconds away and checking every half an hour, is the wrong thing to do. The McCanns have paid the ultimate price for that, and of course they didn't deserve it, no one does. However, responsibility for the action that led them here has to be accepted, and the fact that it is the wrong thing to do should be agreed by all. I would expect the McCanns, more than anyone, to encourage people not to leave their children alone, perhaps they do? This isn't shown in popular media though, many outlets condemn any minor criticism about them having left their children which I find completely baffling. It was the wrong thing to do. There's nothing wrong with saying that and promoting the message that children should be looked after at all times. To do so does not mean you don't have sympathy and empathy for the McCanns. Surely one of the best things we can do following their nightmare is to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else?

  • Remember little Maddy?

    The Madeline McCann story broke my heart. I hope she's alive and that one day she'll be found along with all the other missing kids.
    What her parents did was irresponsible and stupid. You can't leave two baby's and a three year old alone in a hotel in a country that is foreign to you and only check on them every 30 minutes. Unless you go to a neighbors or your back yard than you should not leave your young kids alone. The littl girl was thanseen by her parents friend being carried by some guy. She was than seen in Moroocco being piggybacked. God knows if she's ok. She's probably a sex slave in North Africa but hopefully she will be found.

  • Parents should not leave their children home alone

    No, parents should not be allowed to leave their children alone for even just a second. This is because parents have the responsibility to ensure their children's safety. Children cannot be safe without an adult present at all times. Without parental supervision bad things could occur to children like abduction or serious injury. All things that cannot be made better and cannot be undone by wishful thinking. After all children are not toys that are easily replaced.

  • Children need supervision

    Parents who believe young children should be left along are a disgrace. Anyone who has spent time with young children should know their ability to get into trouble and mischief holds no bounds, and leaving them in a situation where they are alone and you cannot be there to prevent this is unacceptable parenting. Even if they are sleeping peacefully, someone should be there to supervise them regularly in case they wake up and require an adult. Responsible older children (over the age of 10) may be ok to leave for shorter periods, but even then instructions should be left for them to able to contact you if there is an emergency. Children require supervision, it is the duty of a parent and those who don't are being neglectful.

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