McConnell Tells Democrats to Grow Up and Get Over the Election: Are democrats overreacting?

  • Duh. Anything else needed?

    Okay, so the Hillary supporters were bawling their eyes out when Trump won(the memes are great, btw). There were riots, people holding signs saying "rape Melania," people threatening to kill Donald Trump! I honestly don't care if you support Trump or not, but under no circumstances should killing someone and raping their wife be considered "a right to be upset." I know not all Democrats are over reacting (mainly just the liberals), but everyone just needs to accept he's president! Here's a little joke for y'all:

    How do you stop a Liberal riot?

    Play the national anthem, they'll all sit down. :)

  • No, the democrats are not overreacting to the results of the election.

    No, the democrats are not overreacting to the results of the election. By a margin of negative three million, an inexperienced, immature blowhard has been elected to the office of the most powerful individual in the world. He has not even taken office, and has already upset many of our allies. Democrats are right to be upset.

  • No, the death penalty is not justified.

    I don't think it sends a very moral message to kill people for (in most cases) murdering other people. How does that move society forward or profit anyone in anyway. In interviews, families of the victims have rarely expressed joy that their loved ones' killer was put to death. It may seem like a comforting thought, but it is just unjustifiable revenge.

  • No, democrats are not overreacting

    No, democrats are not overreacting. They can look around them and easily see that many vital parts of our democracy are being ignored or minimized in what seems to be an extreme effort on the part of Republicans to get and maintain power-at all costs. Supreme Court nominations are being held up, insanely crazy election antics have taken place, vetting has been limited or eliminated for Presidential nominees....the list goes on. These are important parts of our democracy and they are being ignored in favor of power games.

  • No, this is real life, not a sporting event.

    Politics is not a team sport. People don't root for their team to win; they root for the best possible outcome for themselves, their country and their fellow humans around the world. People are not upset because their "team" lost. On the contrary, many of the people who are outraged about Donald Trump's election are independents or even Republicans. People are upset about a Trump presidency because he is clearly unqualified and not mature or mentally healthy enough to be president.

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