McDonald's defends their products: Are the golden arches doing too little, too late?

  • I think they're kind of late....

    We've been waiting for years to hear what was going into the food. Why did they feel that they had to come clean now? I feel that if they went this long without saying anything (even though I'm sure they've heard the rumors about their food) they should have continued to not say anything. If they REALLY wanted to be honest they should have said something years ago.

  • McDonald's has long denied the contents of their food.

    Yes I believe McDonald's is too little too late on the latest accusation over the pink slime. For many years there has been speculation of meal-worms in the burgers, plastic in the shakes and so on. With people eating healthier and revenue down, they have finally spoken out. Unfortunately it is too late for many to return the golden arches.

  • McDonald's Golden M: A Mistake?

    McDonald's will never be able to escape the fact that they are one of the most hated, but also most loved fast food chains, but ultimately they are fast food. No matter how hard McDonald's tries to compete with healthy food stores or "healthy fast food", they will never be trusted with a healthy diet. We know well from films such as Fast Food Nation or Fat Sick and Nearly Dead that McDonald's hides deadly chemicals in their food. That is enough to scare off any potential for a healthy menu. McDonald's can defend their food all they'd like, but they will never be able to cover up the scary facts we already know about this processed food.

  • They Need To Chill Out

    Personally I think McDonald's is crazy. I hate looking at their menu, it's such a mess with all their new and forever changing items. Their food is what it is, they shouldn't be trying to defend it. People who eat at McDonald's chose to eat their on their own terms. They already know what the food is like.

  • McDonald's will never go away.

    People talk a lot of smack about McDonald's and how it is either unhealthy, or there products aren't that great or they fall apart. But the last time I looked, every single McDonald's has a line of people at there drive through or inside there building. And there seems to be a lot of them, so nothing is going to change no matter what McDonald's does.

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