McDonald's gets burned in Asia: Do you think McDonald's needs to employ new food inspection techniques in their Asian markets?

  • New Food Inspection Techniques Will Help Asian Markets

    Overhead costs and productivity costs would both be helped with better (and/or proper) inspection techniques. The food inspections are much more productive and money generating to a restaurant or establishment that passes them. This is an avenue that is not well looked upon by customers and critics when reports and reviews from poor inspections turn up. These are costly mistakes that can have large impacts on overall figures. It is more cost effective for all to employ new food inspection techniques and have businesses pass them.

  • Yes, ensuring the highest quality product is key in the quick service food industry.

    McDonald's has had many not too kind headlines in recent years about the quality of their food. Weather it was the pink slime debacle or the countless pictures on Facebook or Instagram depicting a Big Mac that has bee left to sit for a year without decomposing at all, these incidents are even more reason to make sure you have top notch food inspection techniques deployed worldwide. With healthy competition from up and comers like Chpotle Mexican Grill, McDonald's needs to do what it can to avoid controversy.

  • McDonald's should employ new food inspection techniques.

    Because of the recent scandals of tainted meat in Asian McDonald's restaurants, McDonald's should use new food inspection techniques in Asia markets. New food inspection techniques would help consumers feel safer about eating there and would help ensure the safety of their food. It would help consumers know that McDonald's cares about food safety and the safety of their customers.

  • Yes I do believe McDonald's needs to employ new food inspections in their Asian markets.

    Here in north America, we even have Tv shows showing you how gross some restaurants can be.. and that's in America! Can you imagine the standards in other countries? Well that's what happened to McDonald's they got burned for having poor inspections in their restaurants in Asia. I feel like they need to improve their inspection techniques in asia and north america!.

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