McDonald's Marketing Makeover: Should McDonalds bring back the Hamburgler?

  • It's Just Some Fun

    In past years, McDonald's has transitioned it's identity from a family restaurant to one that includes everyone. Healthy eating agendas have meant it's focus on children has taken a step into the background, with more adult focused meals and advertising being more common. While their intentions are good, I feel it's a shame that a lot of fun has been lost from the brand. Trust parents to make the right decisions for their children, and stop nannying everyone. Let's put a bit of joy back into the McDonald's brand,

  • He was funny.

    Yes, McDonalds should bring back the Hamburgler, because he was a marketing character that those of us in the older generation recognize. Besides, we thought he was scary and funny at the same time. Today's little children should have a chance to be scared by the Hamburgler too, while they eat their chicken nuggets.

  • Hamburgler is an unique character.

    There are plenty of people that would be interested in the Hamburgler. He is a neat character and would bring back memories for the world. I think that it would be great to bring back a lot of the old characters and do a minor modernization in order to keep up with the times.

  • What's a Hamburglar?

    Is that some sort of character from a low-budget TV show they brought in to entertain children? I'm sorry... As far as I see it, McDonald's shoudln't be targeted toward children of any age. If they offer the same type of food (same portion, fewer calories) on their regular menu, that might be a different story.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Don't bring anything

    Seriously a mcDonald's debate on bringing burgers back is like two gangs going to war with each other in East new York or South Central or Compton. McDonald's is a worthless piece of crud that to me leeches off of taxpayer money. So I don't think they should do anything, just die off.

  • Hamburgler coming back?

    I don't think Hamburgler should come back. The reason why I say this is because he's a bad example for kids and teens. If they see this on T.V they might want to steal or think about stealing from this company as well. I do night believe he's character should come back.

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