• KFC 4 Da Win!!!

    This is the easiest decision I've ever made in my life. KFC beats McDonald's in every single way possible. Menus, (I know prices are higher but they are still reasonable),options, name, Macca's sucks at getting your order right (but I can't blame them because that's the people, not the restaurant) and most importantly, taste! Taste is essential to any success in a restaurant. Taste is the most important component and KFC beats McDonald's by WAY far. Macca's food isn't all particularly bad food, but KFC is better with the chicken, the burgers, the drinks, the smell and the best food in KFC (In my opinion) the best chips I've ever tasted) Sorry MCdonald's, but you will never be as good as KFC.

  • Ni Hao. KFC!

    I really don't understand how you can answer yes no to a question where you have to pick one of several options, but i love KFC. KFC's crispy fried chicken is better than McDonalds' fatty soggy patties, KFC chicken sandwiches aren't as salty or soggy as McDonalds, and wouldn't anyone prefer whole cuts of chicken over a patty of ground-up mechanically separated unsellable cuts of beef?

    Posted by: Viet
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Adam2 says2014-01-19T22:04:28.030
Neither they're both gutter garbage