McDonald's stands by rotten meat supplier: Will this change your view of eating at McDonald's?

  • Yes we should ban it. Goodnight everybody

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  • The Miguelito (el chino ) says.....

    We are agree with that because we think that the food is unhealthy for us and we know that macdonalds always use products with bad quality and it is not a surprise for us. We think that mc Donald's have to change to make better products. Also, it's bad to use publicity to make kids buy that kind of food, they became fat and unhealthy an a early age. The fast food brings a lot of problems in the body, because this food is very bad and it doesn't have any healthy

  • This does change my view on Mcdonalds.

    My view on McDonalds has been forever changed due to the fact that they stand by a rotten meat supplier. But the sad thing is that many people won't even care and continue to eat the rotten, unhealthy food. As if McDonald's wasn't unhealthy enough we hear about them standing by a rotten meat supplier, and people still act as though they don't care what they put into their bodies. When I was a child the thought of McDonalds was always amazing, and it WAS mostly because of the toy I would get in the Happy Meal. Now as an adult I see how disgusting their food is and I wonder why I put that rotten stuff into my body. You only get one life, one body. Why should you be shoveling trash like that into something that is so precious? Hearing all of the problems with McDonald's and knowing they stand by rotten meat supplier has forever changed my views on McDonald's.

  • Yes, I will only eat from places that I trust.

    McDonald's has long since gotten a bad rap for the food they provide to consumers, yet consumers continue to frequent McDonald's on a weekly basis. I have long since chosen to provide my family with meals that come from trusted suppliers, and McDonald's is not one of them. I believe that McDonald's should do their customer base a favor and switch their meats to a more trusted supplier. Until consumers start demanding a change though, they will continue to supply cheap, gross meat to their customers.

  • I don't like McDonald's

    I think that McDonald's is one of the most prejudicial companies worldwide and they have done a tremendous harm to the entire world, with their low-quality products and their really nasty marketing and advertising strategies, in which they are presented as a reputable company that provides good services and products.

  • It's always been my view

    McDonald's is nothing but pure, pure garbage. I mean seriously, McDonald's should be bombed everywhere. It's ghetto, gutter, worthless disgusting garbage that is gross and disgusting. McDonald's is the most ugly and worthless place on the face of the freaking earth. Lol
    mcDonald's has the nastiest logo and is a disgusting excuse for food.

  • Things happen sometimes.

    No, I do not have a problem with McDonalds standing by rotten meat supplier, because a lot of times people who don't like McDonalds try to set up the people who supply to McDonalds, in order to make McDonalds look bad. Their suppliers try their best, we should let it go.

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