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  • No, many diseases threaten the young and old especially, and medical advances are needed to fight these health problems.

    Around the world many people die from diseases, and even in the United States, diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, kill many individuals every year. Drug resistant bacteria and viruses also kill children in the United States, and many more abroad. Medicine needs to continually improve to fight diseases and health conditions that kill people and lower their quality of life.

  • no it hasn't

    Medicine has come a long way. Plus if people don't vaccinate their children, measles won't be eradicated. Vaccines, antibiotics and cancer treatments are some examples of progress, but there are a lot of illnesses that can't yet be cured, so there's still a long way to go in terms of medical advances.

  • No, medicine has not advanced far enough

    No, medicine has not advanced far enough. This is only the beginning. There are still way too many diseases and ailments out there that take people early in their lives. Until we see an end to childhood cancer, we can't say that medicine is advanced enough. There will always be progress.

  • No, of course not.

    Medicine has come a long way over time, and it will only continue to improve in the future. Technology and scientific knowledge grow exponentially, and this will cause more and more advances in medicine. Inventions and advances that we can't even begin to imagine now will be commonplace in 100 years.

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