• No Trust for Fast Food Meat

    No, I do not trust fast food meat products. Anyone who keeps a cautious eye on the food industry would conclude that fast food meat is the largest area of contamination when it comes to our food supply. Nine times out of ten, when there is a food contamination warning, it is fast food meat that causes the concern.

  • I don't trust fast food meat

    I can't trust fast food meat because it has too many additives, and at least in the USA, the policies on food additives are too liberal. Also, I am scared they put horse meat or other kinds of meat into what should be beef burgers. In addition, any dish that is as cheap as a dollar menu just can't be real food!

  • I do not trust fast food meat products

    I feel that the majority of the companies caught up in the horse meat scandal were suppliers of fast food type meals. These tend to be fast foods and microwave type meals. With fast food outlets trying to cut costs and using processed meats you can never be 100% sure of the contents. I cannot trust fast food meats because of this.

  • Of Course Not

    Food is getting further and further away from its natural state. Its out right disgusting to think of what they actually feeding people. What it seems to come down to is profit. The less it takes to "create" the better for these big companies. I have absolutely no doubt that what they serve is not natural meat.

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