• Think about the kids

    Censorships protects minors from the little mistakes they have made following them into their adulthood which is why minors names are never shared when they are in trouble with the law unless they are being tried as an adult. Kids in general are already corrupted by the heavy material going on around them. It is wrong to corrupt young minds. Also, there is a sense of heartlessness that comes with describing a murder or death in detail- it pays no mind to the feeling of the people sorrounding the victim and pays no respects to the victim themself.

  • Censorship is needed

    Censorship exposes kids to things they should not be learning or seeing at their age. There really aren't any reason why censorship isn't necessary. Kids will also start learn words that they should not be learning. Kids will learn certain words and start to repeat what they saw or heard

  • Freedom of speech

    I believe media censorship should be a choice but not completely banned. There is no actual reason it should be banned. Think about it. Everyone has there opinions but really there isn't any reason it shouldn't be aloud. There are always going to be people that disagree with me but I very strongly think that media censorship is completely fine

  • Freedom of speech

    Media censorship is mostly a decision on the person saying it. Of course on dora you can't swear because children watch it. That's a perfect example. If we didn't have media censorship they could say whatever they wanted and children would be subjected to that. There is no reason media censorship shouldn't be aloud but I do think it should be a choice.

  • Only cut lies and half-truths. Require sources to cited. Fine heavily if violated.

    I guess the main questions would be, how do we manage such a thing and how do we decide what is the "truth" in some matters? Admittedly there would have to be an intensive process to reduce the massive field of grey area that covers this subject. Would be nice to listen to the news or read a news paper without wondering how much research I will have to do to get to the objective truth. As far as opinion, that can't be touched. No mater how bad or ridiculous the opinion, we can not become a society that finds it proper to censor it. Rather lets just keep people honest with what they present as fact.

  • Necessary in today's society

    Nowadays ,we lie on media for the informations that happens around us or the world. As today's youngsters and childrens are easily affected by this media. It can be said that ,they can be easily affected in negative way also i.E., in trying to do something the negative shown. They are not intended to do that. As this is the cause,if media fails to censor the abuse things,violences,and unwanted things to our culture we may lose our better next generation and even our culture

  • Yes it is.

    Media censorship is necessary to use and keep up with. Sometimes parents do not want their kids being exposed to cuss words or indecent exposure, and they want to shelter those kids from harsh violence and gore. It is needed to use censorship to keep everyone happy and sheltered from too much issues.

  • Media censorship is necessary.

    Media censorship does not infringe on our first amendment rights. It is necessary to keep extreme violence and sexual content out of the mainstream media. This is reasonable censorship and it does not damage our political rights to freedom of speech. Some censorship is permissible in order to protect children.

  • Learning only lies

    If certain media for example: history textbooks in schools were to have their contents altered to avoid causing any offense, then the children would not be learning the proper truth and they would live their lives believing a lie and perhaps spreading it to others. Not to mention that spreading lies and concealing the truth to many people simply because it's slightly offensive completely undermines the victims of these historical events and what they have witnessed first-hand. In short it teaches children lies and disrespects the victims.

  • Freedom of Speech

    It is in our First Amendment to have freedom of speech so why would it be ok to take that away from someone because they view something or think something that you don't? With this so many people argue we need censorship to protect the kids. Well what happened when you were growing up did they pull the wool over your eyes or did your parents actually watch you and pay attention to you to protect you from what they could and let you see other things for what they really are? Maybe if these parents would get off of Facebook and Instagram and actually act like parents instead of teenagers they wouldn't have to worry so much.

  • It is wrong

    They shouldn't censor social media. It is a right... People should be able to see whatever we would like to see!!!!! Free dom of speech>>> kids can see something in appropriate cuz they are going to do it anyways when they grow up they are going to have kids !

  • It is A Right.

    I believe that media censorship is not necessary in todays society. Media censorship is much more than blurred body parts and bleeped out words. Media censorship is a curtain which tries to cover the issues no one wants to talk about. Media censorship often times leads to ignorance. This is because it is not just tv that is being censored. Newspapers, the Internet, and books are all considered media and are therefore all subject to censoring. Do you want censored news, or the raw and uncut truth? Do you want to be blinded by what society deems it is necessary for you to know, or would you like to be able to make that decision for yourself? Speaking for myself, I would like to know the whole story behind whatever is being covered, not just what someone else wants me to know.

  • Freedom of speech.

    When the media is censored by our government, the government is infringing on our rights to free speech. We should be allowed to say whatever we want, and whoever we want to hear it hear it. You may think I am being supportive of just violence and sex in our media, but it is much more than that. A movie came out recently about bullying, directed at kids, and it was given an R rating because of language. The movie used just 4 f words in the ENTIRE movie. Censorship is impeding our progress as a society.

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