• The happiest and most economically stable countries in the world do

    Scandinavian countries are famed for paying high taxes (the average person pays of 50% of their earnings). However, Scandinavian countries are reported have the most overall happy citizens and have the some of the best free healthcare and education systems in the world. No wonder then we should be following their example and using taxes to pay everyone's medical debts.

    Plus, from a moral and evolutionary standpoint I believe humans should work together and provide for each other to make a better functioning and fairer society. Evolution came up with safety in numbers and we seem to have ignored this and become selfish people, resulting in the top 1% of the population own 40% of global assets. It is only right to redistribute wealth.

  • Ignoring the pleas of sick people doesn't sound like something Jesus would do.

    You know, I've got two questions for you guys. The first one is how much do you pay for taxes and the second one is how much do you honestly think of your taxes goes to healthcare. 5 cents? 10 cents? 15 cents? 20 cents? Perhaps 25? A dollar? If any of us are going to have the pretense of being supposedly moral, then I don't think we have much of a defense for leaving sick people behind when it's so incredibly simple and easy to help them. What's being asked of you isn't to pack your bags and move to Africa or make some life changing decision, but to simply give a bit of money that you probably don't actually need to someone that legitimately needs it.

  • Not everyone's, duh.

    Seeing as I pay for my own medical expenses, the taxpayer doesn't have to pay for everyone's taxes.

    Now, Since I'm a Republican, I believe I am the ONLY PERSON ON EARTH who pays any taxes, and THE ENTIRE REST OF THE NATION is nothing but a bunch of freeloading black people on medicaid.

    Now, I have personal responsibility and I pay for my medical care which I can afford because I was born into an affluent household and received the best educational opportunities BECAUSE I WORKED SO HARD TO BE BORN WHITE AND WELL OFF!

    All those poor folks who grew up in inner-city schools which were under funded and understaffed, they are just lazy for being stuck in that systemic cycle of poverty.

    They should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and pay for their own medical care if they are diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer.

    Or they should just have the good graces to die quietly in their homes, so I don't have to feel guilty for not living up to my Christian upbringing, by caring for the sick.

    I'd much rather live in eternal ignorance and hypocritical denial.

    Yay America.

  • No, I do not think taxpayers should be responsible for everyone.

    No, I do not think taxpayers should be responsible for everyone. Medical depth is very expensive and can really mount up and that can hurt a country of taxpayers in the long run. I feel that the individual should really try to help themselves any way that they can. I think things are better when we have our own responsibility.

  • No, they shouldn't

    While I understand how hard it must be to dig oneself out of extreme debt, it is not the taxpayers obligation to help them do it. There should be resources in place from charities that help when some one cannot pay their bills. It would place less of a burden on the American people

  • No absolutely not!

    Having taxes pay every one's medical debt is ridiculous. I do agree, however, that something needs to be done to lower the cost of medical care. There is no way that people can really afford to pay such high fee's, and not everyone can afford quality health care. I doubt the actual costs compared to what is charged anyway.

  • Taxpayers should not pay

    No the taxpayers should not have to pay every ones medical debt. They should only help to pay the ones who can honestly not be able to afford it by themselves. And the ones that cannot pay it themselves I believe should exclude people who do harm to themselves such as alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

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